What is a Joint Will?

A joint will may be submitted only by spouses or registered partners. It contains interchangeable dispositions of the partners and serves as a substitute for two individual wills. The community Testament can be written as autograph or a notarial Testament.

Other forms of community Testament are the spouse will (this is widely used as a synonym to the community Testament) as well as the Berliner Testament.

The Berliner Last will and Testament UK is a special form of the community Testament.

In the following, we want to explain the reasons which speak for the drafting of a common will, in a nutshell and show change and withdrawal options. Find further information on the subject of the community Testament in our posts “spouse Testament” and “Berliner Testament”.

Why should you write a joint will?

The community will have wide-ranging further effects as the individual will of the partners. Usually interchangeable orders are in the community will hit (for example the mutual bequest in the framework of the Berliner Testament mention here). Interchangeable dispositions interdependent and would be in individual dispositions have not so been taken.

After the death of the surviving partner of this jointly authored last will is bound. During his lifetime, the partners change or cancellation requests must be informed. The mutual bequest could be achieved also in the form of a legacy of an testamentary contract and a circulation in the Testament.

Can you change a joint will or can it be revoked?

  • A joint will may be subsequently modified or revoked. A number of criteria must be met:
  • Unity with regard to the specific type of transformation or modification of the community Testament must be among the partners.
  • Also a unilateral waiver is possible. To do this, the community will in the area, which is no longer desired, must be revoked.
  • The withdrawal must be made before a notary public. On request this ensures that notifies the Contracting Party and the cancellation is effective.
  • After the first succession, a revocation of the community Testament by the surviving partner is usually no longer possible (apart from derogations, which entitle to a withdrawal of the compulsory part).

See the article “Testament pattern” free templates and sample text for a joint will. Use our free service, we are happy if we can help you. Notaries or lawyers will not charge provide their services available, yet it can be – especially with questions and ambiguities – worth the contents of the Testament there to write.