Last Will and Testament UK

To prevent misunderstandings from the outset: “Last will” represents no special form of the Testament. Rather, the expression is used as a synonym for writing a will. Since the last will is a common will, apply the rules that we show on our bases.Find help for writing your last will, for example, in our contributions “testament example” and “Testament pattern”.

Without you should hold your last will not – at least, if you want to decide what happens after death with your heritage.Important: Who leaves no will, accept the arrangements of for his succession of death! will writing after death

Last will – the possibilities at a glance

Some principles that we want to have you in mind once again apply to the writing of the last will by solicitors in the UK like

  • Handwritten Testament: Who wants to write its Testament itself, must write this completely by hand. A last will, written with the computer or the typewriter is not legally valid. Tip: If you are in doubt about whether your handwriting can be deciphered properly, you can attach of course a typewritten will or her handwritten will.
  • Notarial Testament: In many cases, it is recommended to seeking support of notary, which may become a questions with help and advice in writing. A notarial will is as legally binding as a handwritten testament
  • Joint will: In addition, there is a joint will to write the way together with the spouse or the registered partner.
  • Heading and signature: To forget not your will with a unique headline (as “last will”), and sign with your full name and specifying the date and place.

Sample texts for your last will and Testament

In the following, we have compiled examples of wording for your will for you.

Last will – template

“I set up my son, Mr Stefan Muster, as sole Verbena. According to him, his daughter Eva-Maria Sennacherib will inherit.Place, date“Testator signature”

Last will – template sole heir

“I set up my son, Mr Stefan Muster as threatens.Place, date“Testator signature”

The testator also has the possibility of also requirements (example: a heritage to feed the dog or maintain the grave) and arrange further provisions in the will. So he can also determine that the executor of a will is to manage the estate. This is particularly useful when a community of heirs is formed, which often triggered mutually is deadlocked. The executor ensures the management and the final distribution of assets.

How can I make sure my last will and testament is found?

You can leave your last will, for example, a trusted person. The transfer to the District Court to the deposit is a more, however not free solution. You can also decide to write the last will and Testament at the notary, who will assume the deposit for you.